Over the years, Taylor Advertising has created designs and logos for so many different campaigns we could never list them all.  That is the "and more".


Truly good marketing often requires brand placement in arenas you never thought possible.


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and More...

Light refereshing Semi Sweet Wine.  Wight Meyer's labels are designed by Taylor Advertising
Taylor advertising has designed hundreds of wine bottle labels.
This was great fun.  Lines wrapped around the building to get this free t-shirt.
The Heitzman Family dreamed about the idea and we brought it to life. Heitzman over 120 years of baking tradition.
Wight Meyer is Kentucky's highest award winning winery.
Created by George Taylor this is the coolest landscape logo I have ever seen.
This idea was the genius of Ben Sharoudi.  A 16 year old prodigy.
Your success is our business
Cosmetic's Company
Female and minoroty owned business.  Extraordinarily talented.
This brand was created by a client as a portal to organize deals with the  NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB and Dreamworks after an appearance on Shark Tank.
We spruced up this existing logo to give it a more three dimensional feel.
Beautiful work with a great eye for details.
This beautiful design is breathtaking in the etched glass version.
Labels done by Taylor Advertising.  First Vineyard is on the land of the first known vineyard in the United States of America.
Hand Drawn by George Taylor


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