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Many Professionals View Custom Websites Wrong & It’s Costing Time & Money!

Would you download an App on your phone that could never be updated? 

Then why pay to create a custom website, only to place it on a lonely server, where it stays with no technological updates until the whole site outdates and you scratch it and pay to rebuild?


Here’s the reality...

Professional web design artists and marketers, including us, at some point has mocked DIY builders because we saw them as competition and that was wrong.  For years,  while we were busy rewriting the code for every new site, DIY website builders, were busy investing in dashboards, security and infrastructure.  Today, the dashboards, apps, customer service, ssl certificates, cloud servers for technological updates and advanced security that is offered by DIY builders are extraordinarily valuable in ways we could not have imagined years ago.

So we changed.

Plus, if a novice can do a so-so job with a builder, imagine what professional artist and marketer can do. 



web developement.png

We’ll choose your builder based on your company’s needs.

Choose from the top builders:

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Together, we'll determine which of our extremely affordable Website packages fits your business needs.

Our Most Most Affordable Custom Website Packages*

399 informational website package.png

Up to 4 Customized Pages

or a single page with 4 anchors

• 5 Stock Photos

• 1 Custom Banner Design

• 5 Custom Icons

• 3 week turnaround

599 small business website package.png

• Up to 6 Customized Pages

• 8 Stock Photos

• 2 Custom Banners

• 7-10 Custom Icons

• Blog or :15 Animated Video

• 4 week turnaround

799 growing business website package.png

• Up to 8 Customized Pages

• 10 Stock Photos

• 3 Custom Banners

• 10-12 Custom Icons

• Blog or :30 Animated Video

• 4 week turnaround

All of our websites come with... 

• Responsive Code (Mobile Friendly)

• SSL Certificate (for life of your site)

• Cloud Based Servers

• SEO Meta Tags and SEO Optimization

• Sitemap

• Custom Contact Forms

• Client Management Software

• Administrator Dashboard

• Ability To Do Your Own Updates

• Social Media Integration

• Custom favicon

• 100’s of App options to streamline your marketing

• 100’s of App options to streamline your business management

• Online Reservation/Appt. Options

• Video options

• Blog options

• Full service upkeep options

• The ability to talk to a human for tech support!

• Your approval on the way we are representing your business

• Happiness Guarantee

• Proudly Made In The USA

And Best Of All, Videos…

Videos that teach you everything you need to know about your new site and how to maintain it.

Family Couples Express The Love Of Shopp

As a society, we are going thru a lot of changes. Businesses are relying on online sells more so since the start of the Covid pandemic. If e-Commerce is now the lifeblood of your business, you need to have the best online platform to succeed. Platforms like Wix and Shopify are constantly updating to meet businesses' e-Commerce needs.

Additional Options:

• Expedite your website – $200 per day

• Revision Services – $20 each or $12 monthly paid yearly

• Writing Original Content – $40 per page

• Editing & Freshening Up The Marketing Content - $10 per page

• E-commerce w/client provided CSV file & clean-optimized-standard size images  – $.25 per product

• E-commerce with CSV file for products – $.50 per product

• E-commerce without CSV file for products – $3 per product

Check Out More of Our Website Packages

Website Design.png

*Package Prices DO NOT reflect monthly/yearly hosting costs or any add on services.

3rd Party Services Compatible

Enhance your website’s functionality or integrate with most of the popular third-party services. 

Create widgets for IDX, Live Chat, and more. (Minimal coding required).

logo_gloriafood_PNG 2.png
livechat logo.png
constant contact.png

And Lots More!!!

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